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November 2014

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The Team / Jacqui Speculand


Principal Project Lead Despite the differences, degrees in Social Work and IT are a great combination when working with people and technology. I worked as an information designer in the software industry for many years before moving into teaching and research. I have had a range of teaching roles, including media entrepreneurship, and am now..

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Kate Green


PhD Student, Horizon CDT I am a PhD candidate at Horizon CDT, University of Nottingham, and a professional paranoid. I work collaboratively with affinity groups and digital technology to better understand how we can meaningfully participate in our digital footprints in an age of big data and machine learning.

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The Team / Sylvester Arnab

Sylvester Arnab - Profile Photo

Reader in Games Science / Senior Research Fellow With more than 10 years research experience in visualisation, simulation and serious games combined, I’m now based at the DMLL to champion gameful, playful and persuasive design that transforms ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences. I research, write and evangelise about such transformations. I also love traveling to..

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The Team / Katherine Wimpenny

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Reader in Arts Informed Research and Pedagogy / Co-Lead Research With more than twenty years experience of working in health and education I get excited about research and using innovative methodologies, particularly arts-informed and participatory approaches. Working within the DMLL provides opportunity to further explore and share my enthusiasm and practice in creative pedagogy and..

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The Team / Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw - Profile Photo

Director My son asked me not so long ago what it was that I did and why? My answer… “Well, Josh I’ve pulled photography, education and technology apart since the mid 90’s.  I’m excited and inspired by the futures of photography which my recent book NEWFOTOSCAPES explores. I was thrilled to be called ‘…a quirky and..

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Homepage / collaborate

We are always on the look out for new collaborations or partnerships to work with in realising our visions for disruptive media learning. Please drop us a line. If you work at Coventry University we’ve a short proposal form to focus your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you..

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Blog : Spritz

4th November 2014

This project investigates the effectiveness and efficiency of Spritz (computer based speed reading application) as a learning resource, particularly for students with dyslexia. Sean Graham and Arinola Adefila, supported by Principal Project Lead Jacqui Speculand, will test the efficacy of Spritzed learning resources by developing an App specifically for Biomedical Science students on the Add+vantage “Learning..

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