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December 2015

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Blog : Films to Make you Feel Good Media Workshop

18th December 2015

Reblogged from In the midst of working with researchers and project leads pioneering with innovations in pedagogy, I find myself often forgetting my background in the creative arts. As part of my role as Projects and Community Assistant, I manage students and graduates who work ad-hoc on projects in different capacities; some of these..

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Blog : GALA Conference 2015

16th December 2015

Reblogged from Last week, I attended the Games and Learning Alliance conference in Rome with my colleague Sylvester Arnab. Unfortunately, we missed the first day, when workshops were being held on a number of educational games. Jacqueline Cawston and Oliver Wood from the DMLL held a workshop on the H2020 funded Pergamon project, which by all accounts went..

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Blog : Seeing Art, Doing Art: using visual arts in teaching

15th December 2015

On 9th December, Professor Wendy Couchman, from London Southbank University, facilitated a two-hour workshop entitled ‘Seeing Art, Doing Art: using visual arts in teaching’, in which 18 teaching and research staff from across campus, visited the Herbert Art Gallery and show on ‘War Games’ to stimulate discussion about how the use of visual arts can..

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Blog : Peter Gouzouasis’ visit to the Lab

14th December 2015

January 25 – 28th, 2016 we will welcome Professor Peter Gouzouasis to the lab from the University of British Columbia, (UBC). Over the past 25 years, Peter Gouzouasis’ work at UBC has evolved through three connective strands: (1) teaching and learning in music (including digital media and technologies), (2) developing an understanding of learning in..

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The Team / Luca Morini

Luca Morini

Research Assistant With a background in systems psychology and game ethnography, I work at the DMLL to playfully  push the boundaries of what educational institutions think learning is. I therefore try to spend most of my time playing or making games, then writing it down so that it looks like science. When not possible, I..

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Project : Beaconing

11th December 2015
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Overview DMLL is leading the BEACONING project (15 partners, 3 years, worth €5.9 million). This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687676. BEACONING stands for ‘Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning’ and will be focusing on ‘anytime anywhere’ learning by..

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Blog : What Motivates you to Learn Exhibition

10th December 2015

As part of our November Autumn Disruption, Debra James and Lauren Heywood worked together to create an interactive exhibition for participants to share their thoughts on teaching and learning. It is heartwarming for us to read such honest feedback; with many students wanting to have more interaction and fun brought into their learning. We feel..

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Videos / Disrupting the Status-Quo of Online Education


Speaker: David Seelow Location: The Grass     About the session Foreword by David Seelow: “Online education will continue to expand because of the growing need for colleges and universities to recruit adult learners and maintenance some measure of cost control. Online courses have often suffered from a formulaic approach to learning that does not adequately..

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Blog : Game Changers Roadshow!

8th December 2015

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) is looking for enthusiastic individuals to pilot a new programme to gamify learning.  The Game Changers Programme (#gchangers) developed by Sylvester Arnab, Kate Green and Alex Masters at the DMLL, aims to provide staff and students the means to turn teaching and learning into a game. The initiative is..

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Archive Event : Why Are We Not Boycotting

8th December 2015 @ 3:00 pm — 18:00pm

Organised by The Centre for Disruptive Media: With over 36 million visitors each month, the San Francisco-based platform-capitalist company is hugely popular with researchers. Its founder and CEO Richard Price maintains it is the ‘largest social-publishing network for scientists’, and ‘larger than all its competitors put together’. Yet posting on is far from being ethically and politically equivalent to using an..

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