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January 2016

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Project : Open Badges

28th January 2016
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Overview Open Badges recognise skills and learning through digital certification. Open Badges allow the badge owner to demonstrate achievement and the viewer to see the criteria for the badge. They are becoming increasingly popular as a means of recognising, rewarding and publicising achievements, skills and knowledge. This project is currently investigating the feasibility of using..

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Blog : Diary of an Intern: A new year and my continuing contribution to the cause!

28th January 2016

I’m back in the saddle after a revision filled holiday and ready to take on exams, work placement applications, and the continuing ImparApp project! With the tools I have learnt, I have felt very confident in tackling tasks around the university; including my student rep duties and report writing for projects I’m part of within this academic year’s modules..

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Blog : Game Changers Roadshow!

13th January 2016

The Game Changers Team is coming for you! The programme will be launching 8th February and we are super excited! But as a chance for you to get a chance to understand what it is all about, we will be going on a campus roadshow the week of 18th January. We will also be hosting..

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Archive Event : David Seedhouse: Disruptive Demo

27th January 2016 @ 1:00 pm — 14:30pm

Join us on the Grass for a demonstration of Values Exchange with David Seedhouse. David will be sharing the functionality of the tool and his experiences using it in education.  The Values Exchange is a unique online tool for ethical reflection and shared critical thinking. The system has a Facebook style design – and networking..

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Archive Event : Peter Gouzouasis: Open Workshop

28th January 2016 @ 9:00 am — 12:00pm

This session will focus on sound, in the context of a form of music composition – the ‘soundscape’ – to explore different ways of interpreting and expressing human experiences. This session will also feature the use of a variety of creative tactics, strategies and graphic organizers to engage learners in student centred compositional activities.  Sign..

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Archive Event : Peter Gouzouasis: Disruptive Seminar

27th January 2016 @ 10:00 am — 11:00am

Please join us on the grass to listen to visiting fellow Peter Gouzouasis’ thoughts on autoethnography as a contemporary research method in the social sciences, examining its applications in the study of teaching and learning. Sign up and more info

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Archive Event : Peter Gouzouasis: PhD Workshop

26th January 2016 @ 1:00 pm — 16:00pm

PhD Interactive Session: The Interpretive Twist –  A brief introduction to the “auto” in “mesearch” This afternoon’s session will not only engage us in thinking and writing about interpretive forms of inquiry, but also creative tactics, strategies, and graphic organizers that make learning about these approaches a student-centered experience. Sign up and more info  

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