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June 2016

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Blog : Special Issue: The disrupted Journal of Media Practice

30th June 2016

6 Conversations around Media Practice – Join in Now! From July 1st until September 15th 2016 The disrupted Journal of Media Practice will host 6 conversations around media practice, based upon and centred around various papers-in-progress by international media artists, practitioners and therorists, and that will together make up this special issue of the Journal..

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Blog : #disruptivebytes: Certification in Gamification

29th June 2016

The three speakers in the DMLL’s lunchtime session presented developments in the area of certification and games, and argued for a more meaningful use of technology Undoubtedly games are increasingly gaining an important role as learning tools in contexts such as education and training. However, there is a need to balance the relationship between the..

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Blog : Getting to know Open Badges, part 1

22nd June 2016

Over the past few months, the Open Badges team have been working hard on designing, implementing and evaluating Open Badges at Coventry University. You can see our updates on our Medium publication. However, in preparation for our Open Badges workshop at the Coventry University Teaching & Learning Conference, as well as the DMLL badges workshops..

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Project : MUSE

22nd June 2016
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Overview MUSE: Modernity & Disability: Ensuring Quality Education for Disabled Students Accessibility of Higher Education Democratisation of HE has helped to ensure a growing trend of increasing enrolment of students with disabilities, although it is still not significant enough in terms of potential numbers. According to the World Health Organisation, 15% of the world’s population..

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The Team / Jayne Beaufoy


Project Manager A highly experienced Project Manager with a proven track record of managing Research Projects in the Higher Education sector, providing a high level of service to internal and external customers achieved by building strong professional relationships.  With over twenty years experience and now working on the Universities first H2020 project BEACONING. @blondie_xx75

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Blog : Reblog: EscapED Prototype Results & Next Stages

17th June 2016

Reblogged from Serious Games Life For those of you who have already read the motivation and breakdown of the escapED philosophy and its framework found in this post: escapED Framework , you may know that I was planning on running an exploratory prototype with some EEC, Coventry University staff members at their Innovation Day. We wanted to..

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Archive Event : Seminar: How ‘Design’ is Represented in Design Thinking Research

22nd June 2016 @ 12:00 pm — 13:00pm

We would like to invite you to a seminar delivered by Aysar Ghassan on 22nd June 2016 in the Grass. A Corpus-Led Study into how ‘Design’ is Represented in Design Thinking Research For nearly 40 years, a tide of design research has argued that the way designers think is unique amongst professionals. The concept known..

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Archive Event : #disruptivebytes: Certification in Gamification

27th June 2016 @ 12:00 pm — 13:00pm

Please join us in the Grass for a Disruptive Bytes session on Certification in Gamification with António Coelho (University of Porto), Helen Routledge (Totem Learning) and Samantha Clarke (Coventry University). Live Stream Link: For more information and to sign up, click here

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Blog : Reblog: Lights, Camera – Reflection!

6th June 2016

Films That Make You Feel Good (FTMYFG) is a professional work experience aimed for undergraduates, primarily for media or science students. The project offers quality curated cinema experiences at Phoenix Leicester’s independent cinema & Leicester City Council’s Neighbourhood team. The films had been carefully chosen on the basis of enhancing a social interaction, joyful emotions..

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