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August 2016

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Videos / An Interview with Beck Stewart

  About Beck Stewart is an active community member of the DMLL, previously pitching a collaborative project idea with her colleague about and Open Badges. The DMLL adopted these project ideas partnering with Becks to support and develop the two ideas further. Beck began testing and Open Badging within her classrooms with positive..

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Blog : Explore the city of Coventry and learn Italian on the go with ImparApp!

19th August 2016

The ImparApp mobile game invites students to combine traditional attendance in the language classroom with exploration of the city of Coventry in a new and playful way! The game requires students to solve a time travel mystery by taking part in tasks that blend aspects of the physical environment with contextualised digital information supplied to..

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Blog : Life as an Activator – Interview with Graduate Lauren Heywood

17th August 2016
Lauren Heywood

Lauren Heywood graduated in 2014 from her Fine Art degree, and has been working at the DMLL since May 2015. We met up with our Graduate Activator as she lifts the lid on what life is like working within the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. Being at the forefront of teaching innovation, we figured the best..

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Archive Event : #disruptivebytes: What’s Eating Kate Green?

6th September 2016 @ 12:00 pm — 13:00pm

Join us, for a special #disruptivebyte as Kate Green takes us on a journey through her digital relationship, the good times, and the bad. Join Kate’s call to action and sign up now! Simply bring your surveillance device of choice (phone, laptop, tablet etc.) and join the conversation online using #disruptivebytes and @kategreen28. Kate is doing..

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Blog : It’s a Game Changing Update!

10th August 2016

The Game Changers initiative was established in 2015 as a DMLL ‘meta-project’ for the development of playful and gameful pedagogies. The fundamental goal is for learners to develop their own games; learning through designing. This entails a cultural shift from game provision to production, empowering learners using open and connected approaches to game design, influenced..

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Blog : What is an Open Badge?

10th August 2016
Blog images what is an open badge-02

Reblogged from CU Open Badges. An increasingly popular means of recognising, rewarding and publicising achievements, skills and knowledge. Open Badges are… “a new online standard to recognize and verify learning”- Mozilla Open Badges earned from multiple sources and collected in a single backpack stackable, allowing earners to build a rich digital identity displayed across social..

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Peer-Reviewed Articles / Towards a Trans-disciplinary Methodology for a Game-based Intervention Development Process

Authors: Sylvester Arnab and Samantha Clarke. (2015) In Proceedings of: The British Journal of Educational Technology Abstract: The application of game-based learning adds play into educational and instructional contexts. Even though there is a lack of standard methodologies or formulaic frameworks to better inform game-based intervention development, there exist scientific and empirical studies that can serve..

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Teaching and Learning / Design your own Educational Escape Room

Overview An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are ‘locked’ in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of “escape the room” video games. Games are set in a variety..

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