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October 2016

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The Team / Ashley Armstrong


Student Activator My background is around digital media design and digital design. I am a second year digital media student working on different platforms from web coding and design to cinematography also looking into Transmedia practice where we use storytelling across different platforms.    

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Blog : Now Hiring: Outreach Workers for the Lanchester Interactive Archive Wanted!

25th October 2016

The DMLL is looking to recruit two Outreach Workers for the University’s Lanchester Interactive Archive Project. This post holder will be part of the team that will develop and deliver the outreach programme related to ‘Lanchester Interactive Archive’ a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Coventry University and charitable donations. Dr Frederick Lanchester (1868-1946) was..

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Blog : Coriolanus Online presented at Mindtrek 2016

17th October 2016

Tom Gorman, Tiina Syrja and Mikko Kanninen will be presenting Coriolanus Online at MINDTREK 2016 in Tampere, Findland. Taking the text of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus as a basis for study, in 2015-16 students from Coventry University (UK) and the University of Tampere (Finland) worked on a small section of the script (3:3) in both Finnish and English. A ‘virtual space’ was..

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Project : Somaticapp

13th October 2016
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Overview This project aims to bring together expertise across disciplines of health and dance to develop the concept of an app that can be used by students to promote self awareness and relaxation through mindful movement. This can also be linked to dealing with related physical recurring pain such as neck and shoulder pain from..

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Blog : Wanted – students to test an app

6th October 2016

Want to play a game? Want to explore the city? Want to learn a language? Try out the ImparApp, help us with our research, and get a £10 Amazon voucher!  How to do this:  1. Download the TaleBlazer App (available on IOS and Android) ( 2. Open the app, click the menu and insert the Game..

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