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LEGO Bento Staff Training

Author: Oliver Wood   4th April 2017


The Beyond Flipped team are now offering LEGO Bento Staff Training for all staff at Coventry University wishing to deploy LEGO-A-GO-GO.

Sign up by logging in to the Organisational Development Portal and searching for ‘LEGO’.

Building on the work of LEGO Serious Play, LEGO Bento sessions will explore the theory behind LEGO in education, before helping staff develop LEGO sessions for their own Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs).

N.B. If you have a large group of people you wish to undertake training, please contact Oliver Wood ( for a session tailored to your needs.


09:00 Breakfast

getting to know one another

09:30 Introduction

what is LSP and how can it be delivered through LAGG?

09:45 Overview

the power of 3D modelling

10:00 Ideal graduate modelling

what should compose a successful graduate?

10:30 Ideal graduate narrative

detailed explanation of model and underlying metaphors

11:30 LSP theory

fundamentals of the methodology and its application within Business context

12:00 Lunch

informal chat as to individuals’ LAGG deployment expectations

13:00 MID: ILO modelling

individualised module based on discipline-specific ILO

13:30 MID: ILO narrative

detailed explanation of model and underlying metaphors for discipline-specific ILO

14:30 MID: ILO model compilation

model placement and locale based upon common themes and metaphors

15:00 MID: ILO connections

link models together to produce a continuum of learning

15:30 MID: ILO narrative

open discussion as to the supermodel and its implications for learning

16:00 End

Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day. If you have any dietary requirements please email Oliver Wood ( with details in advance.

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