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Digital Leaders workshop: Branding in the creative industry

Author: Michelle Bond   24th May 2017

The Digital Leaders project is coming to the end of its first year, and it’s finishing on a high. Following a successful workshop from one group (LoggedOn: Go Beyond LinkedIn) and production and distribution of webcam stickers by another, my Digital Leaders team hosted a workshop all about creative branding.

“Branding in the creative industry” took place on Monday 23rd May. The two hour workshop saw 15 attendees learn about branding from guest speaker Dr Seyede F Naseriniaki.

Dr Naseriniaki has a wide range of interests, including a PhD in Architecture and Design, and is currently a student at Coventry University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. She’s been using the brand “Shaparia” since 2000 and explained for the audience how she’s developed both her art and her brand over the past 16 years.  Her passion for branding was evident as she spoke, especially about the brands and marketing campaigns she personally loves.

Following the talk, attendees were quizzed on how much they had retained, using a fun Kahoot quiz. It got quite competitive but seemed that most people got the answers right!

Finally, attendees were divided into small groups to take on the challenge of creating a brand. Each group was given a different scenario (for example, a small bakery) and asked to use their knowledge and creativity to come up with some branding ideas. All the groups really enjoyed this aspect, with discussion continuing long after the workshop was due to finish.

The Digital Leaders received great feedback from attendees, with many commenting how informative and useful the workshop was. The group – M, Shafa, Anastasia and Ting – have also been working on a companion website which you can view at

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