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Flipping the University with L·E·A·R·N

Author: Oliver Wood   23rd June 2017

Yesterday, at the Coventry University Creating Better Futures Conference, I ran a workshop for academics and teaching staff on how to flip their classrooms. I had just forty minutes to work with the members of staff to explain the University definition of flipped learning, and explore ways in which to flip sessions and courses themselves.

Using the L·E·A·R·N framework and associated decks of cards, I ran an interactive workshop whereby staff developed a flipped session plan exploring ways in which students could locate, evaluate, articulate, re-evaluate, and naturalise information around a particular topic domain. There was no right or wrong answer to the task in hand, but the session was designed to inspire academics to develop interactive, active learning experiences to deploy with students.

Due to the compressed timeframe, we didn’t have the opportunity for all groups to present their session designs, but from the three groups which did present, it was clear to see the value of the process in the development of flipped designs. The best bit? All staff had a takeaway in the form of a written down session plan ready to deploy to students.



The session also generated a number of leads for further conversations around innovative methods of flipped learning, with a number of academics interested in exploring flipped methodology on a modular and course level. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversations with staff over the coming weeks, and providing support and resources to help them deploy exciting, activity based learning experiences which seek to engage and stimulate students in the learning process.

Coventry Universities flipped learning agenda is picking up pace, with plenty of work ahead. I look forward to the challenge!

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