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Shaping the Future of the Arts and Humanities

Author: Oliver Wood   3rd July 2017

Last Monday, Alan Richards and myself took part in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) away day. Hosted at the Ricoh Arena, the day bought academics, professional services, and the deanery together in one room to explore what the future faculty might look like, and the implications on teaching and learning.

Alan and myself worked with the associate deans to run SPRINT-like sessions to rapidly explore options around spacial use, pedagogic practice, and the wider faculty structures. Some threw themselves into the activities more than others, but all engaged and bought new ideas, issues, and solutions to the table.

With major work due to take place to modernise the faculty in the coming years, how we use spaces is an important question to ask. Rich debates erupted around the use of workshops, flexible teaching spaces, and lecture theatres, as well as the online and hyper-spaces. Out of this came a number of exciting concepts and ideas, particular around the use of cross-disciplinary spaces to be used by Media, Arts and the Humanities.

The day was designed to be an open forum for exploring new ideas and communicating faculty wide messages to staff on the ground. Just as important though was the sense of collaboration, with staff working together to shape the future direction of learning for years to come. Whilst the conversation was only a starter for ten, the discussions which arose will be ongoing for many months to come. I for one look forward to continuing them.


FAH Away Day - SPRINT Activity


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