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White Papers / (Online) Learning Spaces


Author: Jacqui Speculand Foreword: In the spirit of openness, these papers are designed to be fluid in nature, and evolve over time. With this in mind, we encourage you to leave notes, write response posts, and share this paper. The use of technology in learning, and the implementation of web-based learning environments, enhance and extend traditional..

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Insights / Digital Pedagogies

The evaluation of the use of digital pedagogies in the lab’s OIL (Online International Learning) modules revealed the following key points through the evaluation process: Delivery of teaching and learning activity Using learning designed to promote online international discussion stimulated students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, team work and intercultural sensitivity Both synchronous and asynchronous internationally mixed..

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Blog : Charlie talks Work Experience: Week 5

15th March 2016

by Charlie Legge, student at Coventry University doing his work experience with the lab I’ve had a week off work due to being away, but now it’s back to the grindstone. I’ve completed a rough user guide for Learnium and I’m in the process of reviewing consent forms and surveys as part of the next stage..

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Videos / Making Lectures More Interactive with Echo360’s Active Learning Platform


Speaker: Sam Hegarty Location: The Grass     About the session Sam Hegarty, Project Officer, Business eLearning, University of New South Wales provided some demonstrations of technology-enhanced learning tools that the University of New South Wales are utilising. The University of New South Wales is currently piloting the Active Learning Platform, which is increasing engagement and participation amongst..

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Videos / How we Learn in a Post Digital World

DB3 - Thumbnail

Speaker: Peter Bryant Location: The Grass     About the session We had the pleasure of hosting Peter Bryant, head of learning Technology and Innovation at London School of Economics, who gave a passionate and inspiring talk about how we learn in a post-digital world.   About the host Peter Bryant (@peterbryantHE) is the Head of Learning..

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Videos / The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning: What Do We Know?

Adrian Kirkwood

Speaker: Adrian Kirkwood Location: The Grass     Foreword from Adrian Kirkwood: “Through the use of technology, universities in many countries now offer aspects of blended or distance education. Although technology uptake has been considerable, it seems reasonable to ask what the impact has been on academic practices. Has technology been disruptive? If so, disruptive..

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Videos / Digital Students are Disrupting the University?

Helen Beetham

Speaker: Helen Beetham Location: The Grass     Foreword from Helen Beetham: “In some ways students’ ‘native’ digital practices are resources for academic success. On other ways they are deeply disruptive of academic norms and values. This session will explore how students’ practices with digital devices and media are changing relationships and challenging assumptions about..

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Proofs: Deconstructing Logical Arguments - Title Graphic

Project : Proofs

13th April 2015
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Project Leader: Mark Hodds Overview: This project is led by Mark Hodds in sigma and has two main focuses. The first, within the field of mathematics, is to try and improve students understanding of mathematical proofs. It is well documented that students struggle to understand and construct mathematical proofs despite it being a key part of..

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Preparation for an Uncertain World - Title Graphic

Project : Preparation for an Uncertain World

13th April 2015
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Overview This project currently involves the development, delivery and evaluation of an international, final year, blended e-learning module, delivered amongst three Occupational Therapy pre-registration programmes to include Coventry University (CU) the University of Cape Town (UCT) and PXL Limburg University, Belgium (PXL). In particular the project is offering undergraduates the opportunity to explore a globalised..

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