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Microsoft Xbox


Dominant as it was in the PC software sector, Microsoft’s entry into the console market was initially viewed with scepticism. The Xbox was built using PC components adapted specifically for gaming. Bigger & heavier than either GameCube or PlayStation 2, key features of the Xbox included an 8GB hard drive & LAN connectivity. Microsoft had strong games for the launch, including the standout Halo. European sales were initially slow, not least because of the €480 price, & Microsoft was forced to make several reductions. The 2002 of launch of the Xbox Live service offered users exclusive downloads & and multi-player games, & despite the requirement for a broadband & monthly subscription, less than 2 years later it had over a million users (most of them based in the US).

  • USA 2001 – games produced until 2008
  • Units sold: 25 million
  • Number of games: 700
  • Game storage: DVD

Loaned by the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham

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