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Nintendo 64


Jointly developed by Nintendo & Silicon Graphics (SGI), the N64 boasted a combination 4300i CPU & ‘Reality Immersion Engine’ co-processor giving it a technological edge over Sony’s PlayStation. Nintendo persisted with ROM cartridges despite their cost & size limitations because they were robust & easier to protect against piracy, however limited storage capacity encouraged ambitious developers to design for the rival PlayStation’s CD system. The N64 established itself in US & European markets, as launch title Mario 64 set a high standard in gameplay & controls in a 3D environment, but had limited success in Japan despite the release of the 64DD drive with 256 MB storage, integral modem & internet browser, which made larger games possible.

  • Japan 1996 – games developed until 2001
  • Units sold: 35 million
  • Number of games: 400
  • Game storage: Cartridge

Loaned by Thomas Gibbs

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