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Nintendo DS


The launch of Sony’s PSP in 2004 challenged the 15 year dominance of handheld market by Nintendo. Their response, the dual screen DS, was the first of its kind & the first to feature touch screen controls which were showcased by launch title, Super Mario 64. The DS incorporated wireless technology & a speaker. A GBA cartridge slot enabling Gameboy owners to access their old software on the DS was a strong incentive to migrate to the platform, as was the 10 hour+ battery life (double that of the PSP). What set the DS apart from the PSP was its appeal to young & casual gamers with pet simulation games like Nintendogs, and swathes of older, first time gamers captivated by titles like Brain Age & others for language, cooking, painting & yoga training.

  • Japan 2004 – games still developed
  • Units sold: 135 million
  • Number of games: 1,000
  • Game storage: Memory card

Loaned by The National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham

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