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Super Nintendo (SNES)


The continued success of the NES (which had sales of 40 million units by the close of the ‘80s) meant the next generation Super Famicom was launched 2 years after Sega’s Mega Drive. Sales in japan quickly outstripped the Mega Drive, as top developers like Konami & Capcom stayed with Nintendo. In house games like Super Mario World continued in the vanguard of quality & playability, while titles like F-Zero showcased the 3D future of gaming. Like the Game Boy the machine had a minimalist & robust look at variance with Sega’s sleek black rival.  However, the Super NES did boast both a superior ‘Mode 7’ graphics card & a sound chip that enhanced the gaming experience for users.

  • Japan 1990- Games developed until 2000
  • Units sold: 50 million
  • Number of games: 2,000
  • Game storage: Cartridge


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