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Lab Contact: Daniel Villar-Onrubia
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Overview This project aims to bring together expertise across disciplines of health and dance to develop the concept of an app that can be used by students to promote self awareness and relaxation through mindful movement. This can also be linked to dealing with related physical recurring pain such as neck and shoulder pain from..

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The Arts Gymnasium - Title Graphic

The Arts Gymnasium

Lab Contact: Katherine Wimpenny

Overview This follow-on three-year project partnership, funded by Esmée Fairbairn, will build on the uniqueness of the Arts Gymnasium project (Wimpenny & Savin-Baden 2014) delivered as part of the theatre’s strong community and education programme at the Belgrade Theatre under the leadership of the Associate Director, and General Manager. Key stakeholders in the follow-on study..

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Independent Learning (

Lab Contact: Jacqui Speculand
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Overview ( is an online training platform offering tutorials and full training packages in software, programming, soft skills and a wide range of online programmes and tools. It was used in a small scale trial from January 2015. The pilot trial looked at the use of 60 licenses, primarily used in the Media Department..

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UniverCity Project - DMLL - Coventry University

UniverCity Match-Making Portal

Lab Contact: Alan Richards
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Lead Partner Sinead Ouillon Programme Leader the City University Initiative Overview In the context of austerity measures, resulting in reduction of funding by as much as 50% in the City council, focus has moved to the civic role of Universities. It is therefore timely to pilot a new coordinated form of University community engagement that..

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SWING Title Graphic


Lab Contact: Jacqueline Cawston

Overview SWING; funded by the EU Tempus programme is a collaboration between the UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco and Egypt and is led by Jacqueline Cawston of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University. The project aims to create sustainable policies in the partner Universities to enable students with disabilities to have equal access to..

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