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Cross-Faculty Design Challenge

Lab Contact: Alan Richards
Team: Isabel Galvis

Cross-Faculty Design Challenge Project - DMLL - Coventry University


Arising from Governance Group meeting in November 2015, desire for cross faculty project enabling psychology students to work together with other schools to design and build a toy.  DMLL to facilitate cross-faculty working. 

The CU/DMLL Cross-Faculty Design Challenge aim is to engage and support students during their formative stage and to encourage them to innovate, analyse, criticise and propose solutions to real-life problems based on research, design thinking and innovation in an intercultural and interdisciplinary environment via a heutagogical practice and self-directed learning approach.



FabLab, will facilitate physical solution development.

Lanchester Library, via the CUDLSS program will provide support to the students taking part in the challenge and will recognise those who decide to become Digital Leaders.

Add+Vantage Team, will promote the project via the creation of a module for Level 1 students interested in developing their employable skills and developing their ideas.



  1. Add+Vantage Module Creation:This challenge recognises the need to create professionals who can solve problems, work in teams, create positive impact and can lead and exercise critical thinking and balance in their actions via the creation of an Add+Vantage Module.
  2. Module / Challenge Questions:This challenge also hopes to answer the following questions:
    • Can this module deliver effective T&L for students and enhance the learning experience in this context?
    • Are there any differences in the outcomes from the cross-faculty  student-driven problem-solving solutions when compared to traditional methodology in terms of T&L?
  3. Project Research Questions:
    – Will the development of this project enhance  teaching and learning practices?Will the student’s learning experience be enhanced as a result of the development of a cross-faculty co-designed product or solution?
    – Can an holistic approach to design thinking processes effectively foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, scaffold learning experience and problem solving?
    – What soft skills can students acquire by participating in this module?
    – What knowledge and skills gained during the process that will be transferable to other courses/modules?


Technology Application

Using digital and manufacturing technologies in order to achieve Flipped Learning, Connected Learning, Digital Literacy, Critical and Design Thinking.


Milestones & Timeline


  • New Practices RQ
    •  Providing spaces (FabLab, Lanchester Library, etc.) where students can explore, experience and further their knowledge in a practical way, and therefore maximise their university experience.
  • Module going live (pilot) (April – June 2017)
    • Creating relationships with the different sections of the university and projects: CUDLSS (formerly SLED), Own’s Domain, UniverCity, Add+Vantage, etc.
  • Launch, Assessment and Dissemination
    • The module will be launched and its impact will be assess via different instruments. Academic papers and presentation derived from the experience will be produced.


Project Timeline:

Start date:

Jan 2016

End date:

December 2017


Design & Development


Associated Faculties, Schools and/or Course(s):

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing
  • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  • Faculty of Business and Law


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