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Independent Learning (

Lab Contact: Jacqui Speculand
Team: Koula Charitonos, Oliver Wood LogoOverview ( is an online training platform offering tutorials and full training packages in software, programming, soft skills and a wide range of online programmes and tools. It was used in a small scale trial from January 2015.

The pilot trial looked at the use of 60 licenses, primarily used in the Media Department on a single module. During the one year trial period, the platform was used in media and then shared with Learning Technologists and teaching staff in other faculties.

The evaluation of this project indicated that it would be used more extensively if offered to staff across the university. The lab therefore collaborated with the ELU to purchase a partial campus license which provides 1000 licenses across the campus. These licenses are being offered to staff who will use the platform for teaching initially but may later be opened up for students to use independently.



  • To offer an alternative to classroom-based skills training. Students will be offered the opportunity to learn online and independently following a guided path through training programmes that will support their skills learning. It is anticipated that this will free up physical space and teaching time to support deeper learning and support.
  • To offer students a space in which they can determine their own learning. Students and staff will be offered access to the tool and will be able to develop their own learning paths, and to share their learning experience. Will students take advantage of this opportunity to develop their own learning?
  • To provide access to guided learning outside the classroom. Students will be offered the opportunity to learn online and independently following a guided path through training programmes that will support their skills learning. They will also be able to learn independently and to choose to learn beyond the designated programme.


Technology Application

This is an online tool for learning software, programming and soft skills.



  • Jan 2015 – Jan 2016
    Initial subscription with 60 licenses. These were used in the following:

    • Media Production for teaching software
    • Learning Technologists for skills development
    • Digital Media for software teaching
    • Skills training in Adobe After Effects
    • Level 1 add+vantage module
  • November 2015 – January 2016
    Evaluation of the project with staff and students was very positive and indicated that there was a place for online training within the university. A case was made for extending the trial and buying a larger license. Collaboration with the ELU indicated that this could be a joint project to evaluate the integration of tools in a single platform.
  • February 2016 – February 2017
    A partial campus license (1000 licenses) will be rolled out across the university, initially offering tailored teaching packages within module and courses. Staff will be offered support to develop training packages for their modules. In the second part of the project, students will be offered the opportunity to access the platform and learn independently.


Research Findings to Date

  • The initial evaluation of the 60 license project showed that staff and students valued the learning experience on and stated that they would use it within teaching and independently to learn new skills.



  • Feb 2016
    Partial campus license to be implemented


Project Timeline:

Start date

January 2015

End date

February 2017




Associated Faculties, Schools and/or Course(s):

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing
  • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  • Faculty of Business and Law
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