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Blog : Drama activities for Health and Wellbeing: Looking back and looking forward / Part 1

20th November 2016

  The Arts Gymnasium is an innovative research project which uses theatre and drama activities to contribute to the quality of life and positive well-being of people living in Coventry. It addresses the difficult question of how can drama and the arts make a positive impact on people’s lives. It is work in partnership between..

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Blog : Theatre in (Higher) Education with the Belgrade

18th November 2015

The DMLL recently hosted an afternoon workshop facilitated by the Belgrade focused on the creative classroom. The four hours went by in a flash as the group of seventeen staff and students from Engineering and Computing, English, Health and Life Sciences, and Sociology took part in theatre rehearsal room activities to examine how theatre and performance could..

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Project : Photobooks: Morocco

15th October 2015
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Overview The book can offer a way to think about time, space, memory and communication – elements that are vital to successful communication through any artist medium. Furthermore it offers a coherent vehicle for communication which is able to travel easily, change hands simply, and pass on ideas fluently. Here, we set out to bring..

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Blog : We are Offering Exciting Opportunities for Students!

30th September 2015

  After a long summer, we are welcoming back students to Coventry Campus. We had a stall at Fresher’s Fair last week, but if you didn’t catch us, we have some fantastic opportunities coming up for students! Last year we recruited students to come and join us working on projects and at our events. This is..

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Blog : Disruptive Educators took the Student Seat

28th September 2015

Last week we invited the Disruptive Educators community back into the lab for a meet-up, only this wasn’t any ordinary meet-up as we had a secret agenda to surprise the educators with. Using the Hill space, cushioned with beanbags, the educators were already out of the usual environment they would usually expect a ‘typical’ DMLL..

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Blog : Disruptive Educators

5th June 2015

This week saw the first meeting of our Disruptive Educators group. Colleagues from across the group gathered at the Lab for a networking event to make new connections with like-minded people. The group have been identified and selected by the team and will now be a driving force at the heart of our community in..

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Archive Event : Disruptive Educators kickoff

3rd June 2015 @ 2:30 pm — 16:00pm

The Disruptive Educators is a new community initiative brought to you by the DMLL. We have identified key game changers and innovators across the Coventry University group who make up the Disruptive Educators. This group will focus on innovative teaching and learning practices in the university and help direct change within their areas. You can..

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