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Videos / A Picture Says a Thousand Words: Badges for Learning

Bryan Mathers

Speaker: Bryan Mathers Location: The Teaching Room     Foreword from Bryan: “If necessity is the mother of all invention, then frustration is its really annoying sibling – why else would a software engineer start to draw? A picture says a thousand words, which is pretty helpful as often we’re limited to just 140 characters…”..

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Videos / The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning: What Do We Know?

Adrian Kirkwood

Speaker: Adrian Kirkwood Location: The Grass     Foreword from Adrian Kirkwood: “Through the use of technology, universities in many countries now offer aspects of blended or distance education. Although technology uptake has been considerable, it seems reasonable to ask what the impact has been on academic practices. Has technology been disruptive? If so, disruptive..

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Videos / OER Essentials

Josie Fraser

Speaker: Josie Fraser Location: The Grass     Forewor: Most staff will use and create digital resources. However, not everyone is familiar with and confident about the use and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER). An understanding of OER and open licensing will support staff in sharing and accessing resources, and in developing key digital..

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Videos / Digital Students are Disrupting the University?

Helen Beetham

Speaker: Helen Beetham Location: The Grass     Foreword from Helen Beetham: “In some ways students’ ‘native’ digital practices are resources for academic success. On other ways they are deeply disruptive of academic norms and values. This session will explore how students’ practices with digital devices and media are changing relationships and challenging assumptions about..

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Videos / The Changing Value of Knowledge

Cristobal Cobo

Speaker: Cristobal Cobo Location: The Grass     Foreword from Cristobal Cobo: “The notion of openness in education is usually associated just with resources – whether content or technologies – and initiatives in tis field have often focused too narrowly on the mere generation of those resources, paying little attention to the “social life” of..

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Blog : Disruptive Media Learning Expo

25th March 2015
The Grass

It’s been a couple of days since the Disruptive Media Learning Expo was held here in the lab. We would first and foremost thank all our speakers and everyone who came to support our first major event. There was a real buzz over the two days with powerful talks, thoughtful conversations and innovative learning technologies…

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Archive Event : Disruptive Media Learning Expo

11th March 2015 @ 10:00 am — 16:00pm

Join us on 11th and 12th March to celebrate and discover more about what we mean by disruptive media learning. We have keynotes Graham Brown-Martin and Cristobal Cobo as well as trialling different technologies For more information and to register, click here

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