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Blog : #disruptivebytes: Certification in Gamification

29th June 2016

The three speakers in the DMLL’s lunchtime session presented developments in the area of certification and games, and argued for a more meaningful use of technology Undoubtedly games are increasingly gaining an important role as learning tools in contexts such as education and training. However, there is a need to balance the relationship between the..

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Blog : Reblog: Back to basics with Game Changers

15th April 2016

Reposted from Sylvester Arnab’s blog   Learning in the 21st century is definitely very hybrid. But there was a time when the interest was very much on the digital side of things, where learning innovation was very technology-driven (general assumptions i know but you get my drift). As mobile phones used to get smaller and..

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Blog : Reblog: GameChangers – Where are we Now

28th March 2016

Reposted from Sylvester Arnab’s blog The pilot for GameChangers – an open programme aiming to introduce and foster Game Design Thinking is coming to the end. See the backstory (Alex’s blog post) to and description of the programme. The programme was structured in missions and quests based on the holistic and modular design considerations (see..

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