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Archive Event : Why Are We Not Boycotting

8th December 2015 @ 3:00 pm — 18:00pm

Organised by The Centre for Disruptive Media: With over 36 million visitors each month, the San Francisco-based platform-capitalist company is hugely popular with researchers. Its founder and CEO Richard Price maintains it is the ‘largest social-publishing network for scientists’, and ‘larger than all its competitors put together’. Yet posting on is far from being ethically and politically equivalent to using an..

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Blog : Open Data Mashup Challenge

27th November 2015

Last week, Kate had the pleasure of taking two groups of student finalists to the Universities UK Open Data Mashup Event. Two pitch teams UniPlan and Rate Your Student Home went up against four other teams to develop and pitch their ideas to a judging panel. It was an early start for 5 wide-eyed students going..

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Blog : Theatre in (Higher) Education with the Belgrade

18th November 2015

The DMLL recently hosted an afternoon workshop facilitated by the Belgrade focused on the creative classroom. The four hours went by in a flash as the group of seventeen staff and students from Engineering and Computing, English, Health and Life Sciences, and Sociology took part in theatre rehearsal room activities to examine how theatre and performance could..

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Blog : Self-Explanation of Proofs

27th February 2015

Mark Hodds from Sigma (Coventry University’s Maths and Statistics support centre) is working with Roy Bhakta, Senior Research Assistant, and Jonathan Worth, Principal Project Lead, to develop ‘self-explanation training’. This seeks to support students in confidently understanding and developing mathematical proofs. It is understood that undergraduate mathematics students struggle with mathematical proofs (see Weber, 2010 for example). Being able..

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Blog : Technology HE

29th January 2015

With one of our areas of interest being that of the relationship between technology and Higher Education, Senior Researcher Gemma Tombs attended the first Open University OpenMinds talk, titled “The Future of Technology in Higher Education: What needs to change in 2015?”. The event was themed around current technology trends which seemed likely to become..

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